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Welcome to the news!  We are currently working on producing a weekly news column,
in addition to providing links to news and events around the net.  If you have any
information regarding Pagan news and/or events, please contact us!

News Updated - April 16th, 1998

The Circle of Wisdom was founded to help educate and unite the Pagan community, but we can't do it without your help!  Membership to the Circle of Wisdom offers many benefits such as a monthly newsletter, anti-discrimination resources, Pagan networking, educational material, and more.  Coming soon to the C.O.W. website:  Pagan contact service, On-line Bookstore and Pagan shoppe, Legal referral, and more!  If you are interested in getting involved, please contact us!  All are welcome to join the Circle of Wisdom.

The Circle of Wisdom is also offering seats on the Council to representatives of various organizations.  If you are a member of an organization, and would like to see the two work together to better the community, please speak with your peers!

And remember, all members of the Circle of Wisdom are EQUAL, members of the Council included.  The Council was founded to ensure smooth operation of the organization, not to "rule on high".  :)


The Circle of Wisdom has added an on-line membership application to the website!  To access it, select INFORMATION from the navigation bar to the left.  Select ABOUT C.O.W. and scroll to the bottom of the page.  All are welcome to join the Circle of Wisdom!  For more information, please contact us!


The Circle of Wisdom has joined forces with the Pagan activist group FIRE, an online religious rights organization.  We are currently researching membership options with organizations such as the ACLU and the WLPA.  With association of the C.O.W. and these organizations, members of the Circle of Wisdom would have a powerful weapon in the fight for religious rights.  For more information regarding religious rights and what you can do to help, please contact us!