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Welcome to the links page.  All of the links we present here have been sorted for easier browsing.  The websites and e.mail addresses below are listed in alphabetical order, so please browse through as many of links as possible.  They are all great, and each deserves as much exposure as the others.  These links were valid when placed upon this page, so if you find a dead link, please e.mail us and let us know so that we can remove it!  Sites with the flashing "*" are members of the Circle of Wisdom.

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FIRE - A Pagan rights activist group.  This site is a great resource for information regarding religious rights, and how to handle yourself in a variety of situations.  This site is a must see.  The Circle of Wisdom holds membership with FIRE.
*Michelle's Magickal Realm - This is a wonderful site full of all sorts of great information.  There is a VERY disturbing area of the site dedicated to the discriminatory actions of "Cybersitter".  This is a must see!
*Whispering Stones - Great organization with a great purpose  Check them out, it is well worth the click!
The Witch's League for Public Awareness - This is a wonderful site, and a wonderful organization!
The Witch's Voice - A great resource with many great links!
Earth Religions Legal Assistance Network - An organization dedicated to legal assistance for Pagans suffering from religious discrimination.  This site is an EXCELLENT resource!  If you need help with legal assistance please contact Larry Cornett at
Fellowship Of The Earth - F.O.T.E. was established to educate and fight against religious intolerance.  The site is multi-denominational, from Pagan ro Christian.  Great site with a great look & feel!
Eyes of Gaia - Eyes of Gaia is a serious organization for Wiccans and Pagans to study, discuss, and share knowledge. ALL are welcome.  Anyone may join.  Yet another great site!  Under construction, but there is some good content here!

Pagan Sites:

Onyx Dimensions - This is a rather LARGE site, full of all kinds of great information regarding traditional Witchcraft, Paganism, Celts, Vikings, and Herbology.  Deffinately a place to check out!


*Sojourn's Herbals - A wonderful site in design, Sojourn's Herbals brings both Pagan and Herbal resources to your living room (or whatever room your puter is in!).  Though the page is still under construction, it is deffinately worth viewing.

Personal Homepages of C.O.W. Members:

Nowan's Grove - This is the personal home page for the founder of the Circle of Wisdom.